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Research and Development Division

Welcome to NPTU

Academic Development Section

Academic Development Section 


The Research and Development Office and Academic Development Section in NPTU was established formally on 1st August, 2014.

Our aim is to improve the environment for academic research, to enhance the collaborations and partnerships with other domestic academic institutions, and to promote the reputation of our national academic qualities.


Development Objectives

˙To help develop research in the related field.

˙Promoting transformation of organizations and optimizing academic resources.

˙Encouraging cooperation between domestic research institutions and visits to the faculty.

˙Establishing Comprehensive Academic Promotion Projects to enhance the academic performances.

˙Assisting faculty and students applying for financial supports from Ministry of Science and Technology.



1. Have support for faculty team:

 Faculty of NPTU are professionals in five fields,

   including education, liberal arts and social sciences, business administration,

   science and engineering are available.

2. Facilities: professional hardware and software equipment.

3. Academic research resource: Sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST)


Contact Information

Tel:886-8-722-6141 #14301、14302


Address:No.4-18 Minsheng Rd., Pingtung City,  Pingtung County 90003, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )