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Research and Development Division

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The Research and Development (R & D) Office is composed of two sections and one center, including the Academic Development Section, the Technological Cooperation Section, and the Innovation and Incubation Center. The duties of each are as follows:


Services and Duties :


1. Academic Development Section


♦ Helping develop research in related fields

♦ Promoting transformation of organizations and optimizing academic resources

♦ Encouraging cooperation between domestic research institutions and faculty

♦ Establishing comprehensive academic promotion projects to enhance the academic performance

♦ Assisting faculty and students in applying for financial support from the Ministry of Science and Technology


2. Technological Cooperation Section


   Promoting research projects

♦    Encouraging cooperation with business partners

♦    Conduct business consulting


3. Innovation and Incubation Center


♦   Assisting economic revival through innovative business and technological development

♦   Offering facilities and services to help entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses developing develop advanced technologies and establish new business bases